Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors Blog

Me 4 months after transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors Blog

Hi all my names Scott and ive created this blog so all of us survivors can post here when we had our transplants and how we are doing. I had my stem cell transplant on november 30th so it’s been 4 months and 3 days and i’m doing well. For anyone that has cancer or another devastating disease where a bone marrow transplant is your only option you all know that sinking in the pit of your stomach feeling at diagnosis going thru the chemo’s and /or radiations (i had 2 days of 2 different chemo’s and 7 total body radiations before my transplant) you know it’s no fun. You should all be PROUD!!!!! You’ve all gone thru so much and you’ve tapped an inner strength you never knew you had youve gone thru it and survived congratulations!!!!! The year of recovery (mask and gloves mask and gloves lol) seems long and endless but as you feel stronger it goes by quicker than it seems.

I know not everyone survives and for those who have lost the tough battle my heart goes out to you and your familys feel free to post them here to remember these brave people.

A quick shout out to Dana Farbers Dr’s and nurses who are 2nd to none they saved my life and i will be eternally grateful to them for the awesome care they gave me and making me feel more like a friend then a patient that helps so much and gives us great hope ive met many patients in the lobby and you almost never see anyone down you just have the feeling they will fix you they perform miracles every day thankyou everyone!!!!!

And who can forget our family and friends my wife and love who has done so much for me it’s an added burden to take care of someone who can’t go in stores and put out their pills (lots of pills) and take care of you you realize what love is and how you are so lucky to have it i owe her bigtime and i love you so much. My mom and family have been awesome thanks mom  love you.

I wish you all the best in the future i want you all to get well 🙂


Scorp37 aka Scott


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